Hello world!

Welcome to our new site!  This is a major overhaul that has taken place and we want you to feel comfortable.  Please provide input and come back often to see the incredible changes we come up with.



4 thoughts on “Hello world!

    1. Bill,
      We have posted the JOTC school dates and am waiting for other dates for Jump and Raider. As soon as they are published I will let everyone know.

  1. This web site really sucks. Everytime I want to check out an item I have to click on the item, then after the scroll to “Feel Free to look around” have to click AGAIN on “Click to Begin”. To me that shows a rinky dink outfit.

    1. Barry we are very sorry you think our web site is “rinky dink” and consider all comments are constructive criticism, however in the future, you might want to provide better details as to how we can improve our processes and training. If you are SDF then maybe you contact us offline and let us know what your issues are and we can figure out how to help best. Have a wonderful and blessed week.

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