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Citadel Cadet Graduate of the Royal Lao Airborne Jump School

Royal Lao Airborne (RLA) has a long and amazing history going back over 60 years.

The Royal Lao Airborne in the United States was founded on September 3, 2001.

From it’s beginnings in the 1950’s through today, the RLA has been, and will continue to be, a group of professionals who exhibit military bearing, hold true the core values and who put others before themselves.

Airborne Certifications are signed by, His Majesty, the Royal Lao Crown Prince.

Royal Lao Parachute Wings are also on the DOD list of approved foreign awards. (FM 600-8-22, Appendix D, dated 18 OCT 2016.)

The mission of the Royal Lao Airborne is:

  • Preserve the fame and glory of the Royal Lao Airborne
  • Provide military training assistance to the US Armed Forces(Raiders – Jungle Warfare – Academy)
  • Provide humanitarian aid to Lao refugees
  • Assist FEMA in disaster-related activities

It is also charged to maintain and strengthen the bonds of comradeship, which distinguish the members of the Royal Lao Airborne, to continue to develop the bond between current and past Airborne forces of the world, to provide for the gathering and dissemination of information concerning those members.

13 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Love the new website! Attended RLA Jump School last year and it was an AWESOME experience! I did want to order extra set of wings, but don’t see them for sale in the shop. Will you be offering them for sale again?

    1. Mr. Qualls,
      I will pass along to leadership to see if we can get the wings online. However this is a controlled item and you might have to make a special request through your chain of command for another set so that records can be checked accordingly to ensure you were student per graduation list. I will pass along sir.

  2. Looking to purchase another set of wings one of my pins broke off. I have my set of orders and certificate from the jump in October is there still a store to purchase from

    1. Update on making jump wings available on site. Most likely will not happen Steve, however, you can actually contact RLA Headquarters and if they can verify you had gone through the course successfully you could purchase offline.
      MAJ Bruce

    1. Kasandra,
      Thank you very much and we appreciate your support. Make sure you visit our donations page as well. We are always look for support. Have a great week.

  3. love it to hear from them I am full deaf I am really interested join army military my father is army he died in 2010 but I want my goal to join amr I want to my father be proud of me daughter from heaven

    1. Tina you can go to the recruiting page and send a request for application. Although we do not have any fully deaf personnel at present I would think there could be an opportunity for you to serve. Do you do sign language and do you have the ability to interpret others? If so this may the be the perfect situation. As stated please reach out to recruiting and CPT will contact you for more information. Have a great week.

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